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Scott Newton Smith
What Would Your Church Be Like If Everyone Understood, Believed & Lived Out Their Identity In Christ?



A special deep-dive into the Word that levels up their walk. 
For the past quarter century, I've spent my time overcoming personal struggles and challenges, deepening my walk, coaching and counseling believers, while ministering in pulpits around the world -- all of which has taught me some important key Truths that are under-communicated, overlooked yet deeply relevant.

I want to bring these Truths to you and/or your church or conference.

What would happen in your ministry if the people you lead...
  • Discovered their true identity in Christ... seeing themselves through the God's own lens of transformation and empowerment
  • Got a faith boost that enabled them to finally end the frantic floundering flesh-driven struggle that keeps them bound on this side of their best intentions
  • ​Finally understood that Christ's Lordship covers every single aspect of life -- and that this is designed for their liberation, not bondage, with joy unspeakable
  • ​Began to see all of life -- marriage, parenting, money, work, service, church life, home life -- as a set of avenues for radical service and sanctification for the Glory of God
Keep reading if you'd like to find out.
Scott Newton Smith
Christian Life Communicator & Revivalist
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Other Teachings Churches Are Enjoying From Scott
There are few principles that unlock such victory as giving and tithing. Understood correctly, faith steps are taken that catapult trust in every other area of life.
The Great Commission is for every believer in every church. If their faith is not regularly shared, their missional calling is regularly neglected.
Victorious Christian Life
Learning to walk in the Spirit and break out of "defeat patterns" are key spiritual skills that make all the difference to every child of God.
Don't Let The suit Fool You.
Traditional to Contemporary, Legacy Churches to Church Plants... Scott's Messages Are Always Relevant
Scott's delivery style is passionate and appeals to all ages and backgrounds.  Rapport is built quickly and the principles relate to the real-world experience of the listeners.
"My 8-year-old couldn't wait to get back to church tonight!"
"I've been in church 50 years and I've never heard it put like that before. My heart is changing."
"I'm a brand new Christian but understood the concepts clearly and you really held my attention. Love the humor!"
These statements are typical and repeated often at events  and conferences where Scott speaks.
Scott offers something unique in his God-given ability to impact every person of every age with the Gospel and it's implications for believers "in Christ"... regardless of age, gender or background.
Need A Speaker?
  • Scott has preached and taught over 5000 times as a guest speaker at church, conference events & retreats around the world over the last 25 years
  • Scott will deliver Scripture-driven principles with tough-love humor, rock solid content and effortless style that appeals to all ages
  • Scott's re-invite rate is over 60%... After hearing Scott once, many get excited enough to invite their friends and family unprompted!
    Pastor Brant Callaway
    Harmony Baptist 
    Monroe, Georgia
    "Best spiritual renewal conference in my 18 years of service at our church... Humor, personality and depth of Scripture... our church still talking about it."
    Pastor Paul Cowles
    Friendship Baptist 
    Warner Robins
    "You tackled awakening in the church body with methodical precision (inward, upward, outward) through Scripture-bathed messages... by the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit..."
    Pastor Greg Jackson
    First Southern Camden
    Camden, Ohio
    "Scott will edify your church. We've had him back many times over almost two decades. Our people love it when he comes back."
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